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* Please pay rental charges by credit card or with cash when the rental period begins.

* Our rental cars are available only at Okinoshima Town. Please confirm here to rent a car at Dozen Islands (Ama, Nishinoshima, Chibu).

* Early May and Mid-August are especially busy due to the holiday season in Japan. We recommend early reservations.

Car Pick-up Location

Okinoshima Town Shop (Dogo island)

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Okinoshima Town Shop (Dogo island)
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* Please inform us in the Additional Notes field about the accommodation you will stay.

* Our free transport service is only available within 5 minutes driving distance.

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* Please inform us in the additional notes if you want to reserve two or more classes of cars.

* Customers planning to do fishing are recommended to rent the K-car microvan or Mini truck.


* For more detail about CDW, please check this page.

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* Quantities are limited

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* All drivers are required to have either of the following permits / licenses.

  1. International driving permit under the Convention of Road Traffic on Sep. 19, 1949
  2. Authorized Japanese Translation for driver's license issued in: Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia or Monaco
  3. Japanese driver's license

* We can only pick up the group representative in cases when a group exceeds 3 people.

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* Customers can select the class of car, but cannot specify a specific car model within the selected class.

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  • * We will ask you about Collision Damage Waiver when the rental contract is filled out.